Lebanon Area Radio Control Club
Lebanon, OR. AMA Charter # 269

Club Field:
The field is located behind The Lebanon Transfer Station located at 33370 Brewster road.

N   44   33'   18.9"
W  122  52'  37.5"

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM at The Mennonite Curch, 2100 South Second St. Lebanon, OR 97355. In the summer months we meet at the Club field. See the News Letters  page for updated information.

The most active part of the club is the retired modelers who fly during the week. The main interest of the club is sport flying and to have fun doing it. The aircraft are of all types, sizes, shapes, and power. There are some who fly electric power only. They to vary from gliders to multi engine (motors).

Guest are welcome as long as;
  • There is a LARC member present while they are flying.
  • They show a current AMA card.
  • Their aircraft engines can meet the Muffler requirments.
  • They obey the AMA safety code as well as the club rules.
Muffler Requirments:
Our club has adopted the rule of the aircraft mufflers shall read 92 decibles or below measured at three (3) meters away, and the test meter 12 inches above the runway.

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