Adopted Dec. 16, 1987
Amended Oct, 18, 1989
Amended Nov. 15, 1989
Amended Dec. 16, 1992

Amended Feb. 16, 1994
Amended Apr. 19, 2001
Amended Jan. 15, 2002
The name of this organization is; Lebanon Area R/C

  1. PURPOSE - To secure, improve and maintain an existing private flying site in the Lebanon area.
    1. This is a mutual benefit non-profit Corporation #93-1313223.

  2. ORGANIZATION - Due to the nature of the site ownership, the club has a limited number of memberships. Members elect club officers; which make up the Board of Directors.

    Club officers are:

    1) President
    1) Vice President
    1) Secretary/Treasure
    2) Directors at Large

    1. The key to using and keeping this, and any, site is a good relationship of the club and the site owner. The goal is to keep the site protected for club use. All decisions made by the club must reflect and safe guard this goal.

    2. Members elect five (5) officers annually. They serve for one year and may be re-elected. These five (5) officers make up the Board of Directors. They organize themselves, having a Chairman.

    3. The role of the Board is:
      1. to oversee the site condition, maintenance and use.
      2. to oversee the membership, club business and all funds.

    4. An annual club meeting shall be held in December to do the following:
      1. elect board members for the coming year.
      2. decide the dues for the new year.
      3. vote on any proposed changes in policies.

    5. If the club loses the present flying site its status will become inactive status, POLICY # 2.D will be complied with. the club treasure will be maintained in account under the supervision of the Board of Directors.

  3. FUNDING - Each member pays a one time initiation fee of $50.

    1. Annual CLUB DUES are based on the calendar year. Dues are payable on or by January 1, of each year. Any member who has not paid their annual dues by March 31, will receive a letter listing;
      1. to pay their dues
      2. Suspend their membership until dues are current.

    2. New membership on the first years dues will be figured on the quarter of the year.

    3. AMA DUES - any member who has not paid their AMA dues by January 1st. will be put on a non-flying status for no more than thirty (30) days. After that, the membership will be terminated. (See 4.1A for non-flying status.)
      1. During this thirty (30) day time period the member may request that their membership be suspended.

    4. Funds are to be used for site improvement, maintenance, and preservation. This keeps the major focus of the club on its flying site. The Board must refer any other use and or expenditure over $100.00 to the membership for their approval, by a simple majority of members present and or a returned signed ballot.

    5. Changes in the annual dues may be approved by a simple majority of members present and or returning a signed ballot, prior to the year being decided, or a special called meeting.

    6. Disbanding-If the Club disbands the treasury will be distributed to other clubs after complete disbanding.

  4. MEMBERSHIP -The number of memberships shall be recommended by the Board, and approved by a simple majority of members present and or returning a signed ballot. They must keep the wishes of the Landowner in mind in this decision. The maximum number of members will not be more than 35.

    1. Definitions:
        1. one who has not paid current AMA dues.
        2. to return to flying status, you must -
          1. Have current club dues paid and have current AMA card received by January 31, and
          2. notify the club secretary or an officer by March 31, and show proof of receipt of AMA membership if you have not yet received your card.

    2. All members must keep current membership in the AMA and show their current card when paying dues.

    3. Application for membership is open to all parties in the Linn/Benton area with an interest in the purpose of this organization, without restriction to color, race, age or sex.

    4. Applicants must be sponsored by a current member.

    5. Membership in the club gives the member the right to:
      1. use of the flying site for him and his immediate family living at the same address.
      2. one vote in club business matters and elections.
      3. the obligation to follow club policies and do his share of the work.

    6. New member may be admitted only with the approval of the Board and by a simple majority of members present and or returning a signed ballot. (see 4.0)

    7. All members pay no less than a $50.00, non-refundable initiation fee.

  5. SITE RULES -These rules are written so the use of the flying site may be preserved. They are aimed at safety, noise, and community relations.

    1. All flyers flying at the site must be current AMA members and will abide by all club and AMA rules.
    2. No smoking, or alcohol beverages are allowed at the flying site.
    3. Flying hours are 9:00 A.M. through 9:00 P.M. or no later than sunset.
    4. Only three planes may be flying or running at one time. Exceptions are club sponsored pylon races.
    5. Adequate mufflers shall be used; noise level in accordance with club rules.
      1. NOISE LEVEL: A maximum noise level of 92 decibels will be enforced. Any model exceeding this level after being tested at 3 meters at full throttle can not be flown.

    6. Flyers will fly only in the designated areas as recommended in the AMA rule book.
    7. All flyers must sign in and out of the log book when coming and leaving.
    8. We will remember that we are flying on property owned by someone else. Therefore, common courtesies must be kept in mind as we drive through and use the property.

  6. GUEST - Members may invite non-flying guests as often as they like. Non-members who are AMA members may fly in club sponsored open contests.

    1. Members may invite a flying guest providing the member or the guest does not fly at the same time, this is to ensure other members their share of flying time.

    2. All flying guest are required to have current AMA status, unless using a buddy cord system.

  7. FLAGRANT VIOLATIONS - Such actions are those that would jeopardize the club's continued use of the site. Therefore, they will not be viewed lightly. Memberships maybe terminated by the Board when the recommended procedure is followed.

    1. The Board will talk to the alleged violator about the allegation in order to hear his side and attempt to clear the matter.

    2. If the problem continues, the Board will decide whether or not to terminate the membership. Obviously, this action would only take place with either repeated or very flagrant violation of club policies to the extent that one more occurrence would cause problems in keeping the flying site.

  8. CHANGES IN POLICIES - Any club policy may be changed or new policies added by a simple majority vote of members present and or returning a signed ballot. Notification of the purposed change must first be sent to all members so that they are aware of the meeting or at a specially called meeting.

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